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Commercial Achitectural Services

At Architectural Plans Ltd, we know that nobody knows the requirements of your business better than you do. We are only here to allow you to do what your business does best and take the burden out of all building consents.

Our commercial services include:

  • Measurement surveys at convenient times so no interference on trading hours
  • All application forms and production of drawings dealt with
  • Construction supervision service available
  • Cost advice on cheapest way to achieve objectives
  • Evaluation on overprovision in proposed operational area
  • Operating and layout plans for Licensing (Scotland) Act as well as all forms completed
  • Copying service available of existing large scale plans
  • All plans on hard copy and on CD-ROM in electronic format, and free copyright to print off additional drawings when required

Our main role is to listen to the clients' needs and see how we can best establish the design around their requirements; taking into consideration the budget.

Contact Architectural Plans Ltd to discuss your requirements.

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