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Architectural Plans Bearsden

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Bearsden area.

Architectural Plans Bearsden - our role in your domestic project

Here at Architectural Plans Ltd, we offer architectural planning services in and around the Bearsden area. We work within legal, cultural and contractual limits; in other words, we know the boundaries of building regulations and requirements, liaising between you as our client and local authorities, planning officials, building controls etc. However, it's not compulsory in the UK (including Scotland) to hire an architect and, in the current economic climate when budgets are tighter than usual, people don't automatically think of hiring an architect. So what essential role do we play in your domestic project.

  • By involving Architectural Plans Ltd from the start, we can 'test' the feasibility of your initial ideas. As architectural planners we are interested in how you will use and interact with the space you are proposing to build. In other words, we believe you'll get a better outcome to your project.
  • Budgets are not infinite pots of money. We can take a realistic look at your budget and your ideas, advising you on where the money may need to go or not go!
  • We create plans and can be on paper, computer simulated models or more traditional 2D drawings. We re-work and amend plans, incorporating your ideas into your dream project.
  • Building regulations and other red tape can be a nightmare to those unsure of the system. As we deal daily with such regulations and local authorities, as architectural planners we can cut through red tape with our familiarity and advise your accordingly of any changes you'll need to make.
  • We can then go on and act as your agent in the whole process, hiring contractors on your behalf unless you wish to this yourself. By us doing this, we'll take the hassle and the stress from you and keep your project on track.

We want you to have the best outcome to your project as possible; you'll be amazed at the ideas we have to make the space even more versatile for you. Come and take a look through our gallery of previous projects we've been involved with. So why not contact us, and see how our architectural planning services can help you create your dream domestic project, whether that's adding a floor, extending your home or building your own house.

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