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Architectural Plans Strathaven

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Strathaven area.

The Perfect Architectural Planned Designed Home…

We have all done it! Looked through the glossy pages of various magazines, envying the designer homes and the stunningly created pads of the rich and famous, as well as those who seem to have been able to design and build their own brilliant homes.

You can do it too but many people will tell you that architectural planners for your Strathaven project are either too expensive or not needed, suggesting various alternatives such as…

1. 'stock' building plans

A bit like buying a ready-made jacket instead of getting a tailored one, these plans are designed and created by a range of people from architectural planners to 'home designers'. On the plus side, there are loads to buy on the internet but on the minus side, they are 'stock' - consider, for example, whether all aspects of the design will suit you, your family, your Strathaven home or building project and if you do need to make adjustments, who will do that to ensure it meets planning permissions and the drawing is correct?

In all likelihood, you will end up consulting with a Strathaven architectural planning practice at some point if this is the case…

2. Use a 'production home builder'

Known by a variety of names, this is when you purchase a plot on a new development and then have the choice of so many plans to create your own home. On the plus side, this will be not only more economical but a quicker time to completion of the building.

But, it will not be a customised and unique home; apart from the odd tweak here and there, the home may be traditional, not quite what you wanted and with only a few additions or subtractions of your choice.

3. A 'building designer'

There are not too many in the UK and most people tend to rely on local architectural planning practices for their design too but these 'designers' do just that; create a beautiful drawing but without the necessary attention to the mathematical detail as an architectural planner would. On the plus side, many people find this service less expensive but on the other hand, some people find that if they want something other than traditional, the design may not have the complexities that a planner could incorporate.

Do you have a Strathaven building project in need of an expert architectual planner's opinion?

Even if you are on a budget, architects can create stunning plane for your Strathaven building project or extension. Go straight to the experts and get the very service - and finished product - right from the very start!


Architectural Plans
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