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Architectural Plans East Kilbride

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the East Kilbride area.

Do you need an architectural planner?

A common question that many customers ask when they are looking to modify, upgrade or extend their home is do they really need the services of an architectural planner?

Our customers have benefitted from the services of an Architectural Plans Ltd when undertaking extensive renovation project.

Small projects

For small projects, the services of an architectural planner may not be required such as enlarging a window or removing a non-load bearing wall. The important factor here is that the homeowner can manage the relationship with the contractor themselves; it is when the project becomes bigger and the design requirements more precise and detailed that our customers felt they benefitted from architectural planning services the most.

Renovation and new build projects

Architectural planning services really come in to their own when there are more design complexities, and the aesthetic look of the project needs to seamlessly lock with the structural considerations; in other words, an architectural planner can make the most unlikely of spaces, work.

Why an architectural planner and not a designer or another professional?

In some instances, only an architectural planner will do. Our customers will know that architectural planners are trained in the theory, history, engineering aspects of buildings as well as project management.  These 4 aspects are essential in a large renovation project.

Being trained in theory means that an architectural planner is skilled in coming up with creative ideas to solve perplexing problems, whilst still staying true to the overall aim and aesthetics of the project.

Project managing can be a difficult job, fraught with deadlines and you will also need the ability to communicate clearly, making sure that contractors are working to deadlines and to budgets - all important aspects that need juggling to bring in the project for the client in the timescales and budget set. No client wants to face a massive overspend; managing a project correctly, may make a difference between a family staying another winter in a draughty caravan or not!

There will be inevitable problems and issues; rather than you being the first port of call, your architectural planner can be the person who takes this stress on. Of course, this all means that as the client, your main responsibility is writing the cheques BUT... this service will inevitably cost you more.

Architectural Plans Ltd customers will testify to the positivity that an architectural planner can have with any building project, from renovation to a bespoke, new build.


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