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Architectural Plans Bishopbriggs

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Bishopbriggs area.

Style is trendy and fleeting. Bad taste is timeless.

If you are looking to engage an architectural planning specialist for Bishopbriggs building or renovation projects then you need to be confident that you have the right person for you (and your project).

You want a renovation or building project that doesn't sit in the annals of history as a project of bad taste; you want the final product to be admired for its beauty - and you need it to work for you. Here are our tips to help you choose the right architect:

Tip 1: Meet the Architectiral Planning Practioner

Might not sound obvious but it will give you the feel for their creativity and design style. Listen to what they have to say about your ideas and previous builds that they have worked on. What feeling do you get? It's not about who has the biggest office - you are looking to see what 'feel' you get. Is this the person and the firm that you can trust with your investment?

Tip 2: Ask about the software

Architectural Planners use a variety of software to create sketches and technical drawings and really, the answer you are looking for is that they use the latest software that helps to eliminate errors. So, if the size of a window or alcove gets changed in one drawing, that it automatically updates it in another.

Tip 3: Education and/or design awards

The winning of accolades is one way of showing customers that as an planner, they are serious and passionate about the work they do. Of course, it's only one part of how to select an planner to work with on your project and it's not advisable to make this a front runner in who you select.

Tip 4: WHO will you work with?

This applies if you are looking to engage a multi-architectural planning practice. The person you meet and then decide to engage, may not be the person you end up working with on your project. Not getting on with them, or feeling they don't 'understand' your project is not the great pre-requisite to a harmonious project relationship. Ask who it is that will be working on your project? If they are unsure at this point, ask to meet the team. This is your project, your ideas and your investment.

Tip 5:  Word and pictures

Some drawings are technical; they provide a huge amount of information. If you don't understand them or don't think they look right, then say so. Ask questions. Any planner will want to make sure you can'see'your project on the paper and they should be able to clearly explain the drawing.

Tip 7: Specifications

Some fittings and fixtures will not be on the technical drawings and should be written as specifications. No written specifications can spell disaster when placing orders for various objects such as the plumbing fittings, as a big order might need to be changed - and you'll pay the charges.

Tip 8: Look at their website

Is the information presented clearly? What type of work do they seem to do most of? If they design and create large multi floored, massive hotels, are they the right company to deal with your two floor extension? Consider the work you want doing and narrow it down to two or three firms that seem right for you, and then make your decision.

Tip 9: Working with the local planning department

If it's a small domestic renovation, then the plans submitted by your architect should require very little if any changes. A good architects practice will have a good relationship with the local planning department and should produce high quality drawings etc. that means there should be very little hold up in the approval from the local authority. An architect who has to re-submit badly drawn or low quality plans is not the one for you - because they will charge you every time AND it will hold up your project.

Tip 10: Ask around...

...personal recommendations are great! Go and look at the finished project, is it the quality and design that you want?

Please contact us if you are looking for domestic or commercial architectural planning services in the Bishopbriggs area.

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