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Architectural Plans Motherwell

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Motherwell area.

Why engage an architectural planner?... and why us?

Some people still remain unsure if architectural planners can bring anything useful to their Motherwell building or renovation project. Planners can bring a whole heap of benefits and advantages to any project, large or small; you can engage them to work with you throughout the project or up until certain key points. The choice is entirely yours!

But, with so many potential clients still unsure, let us try and identify what are the key issues stopping you from engaging the skills and abilities of a planner...

1. What bothers you about engaging an architectural planner?

We find that many clients are reticent about employing a planner for their Motherwell or any other building project for a specific reason - although they may not know or fully understand what this reason is, or where it came from.

We work with customers to answer their queries, questions or concerns that they may have about engaging a planner.

2. Finding solutions

Once we have identified what the main concerns are, we can offer solutions. For example, is it cost? Do you think that engaging planners will be costly for very little benefit? We can offer a clear, concise and transparent fee structure to help you gauge how much our service will cost at various points in your project?

Or is it the quality and design aspect of an planner's service that you are not sure of? Again, we have can show you our extensive portfolio and range of services on offer to you as you complete your dream home in and around Motherwell.

3. Why use us?

As a fresh, vibrant and respect architectural planning practice, we can show you a growing portfolio of work we have been engaged to complete for a variety of clients on several different projects; from small renovations to large, building projects. We can show you a range of designs but can produce a bespoke plan for your project.

4. Our credibility and reputation

The success of any plan for any building project relies heavily on the communication of ideas between the client and the planner. We believe that we do listen to what our clients want which is why we produce such excellent designs and plans.

Our fees are clear - from the very start. We can have a light touch on your Motherwell building project or we can be heavily involved, from the moment the pencil first touches the paper, so to speak, to the moment you move in. We have a flexible and creative approach, making us a firm favourite when it comes to local architectural planning practices.

But don't just take our word for it! Ready some of our testimonials and then why not make an appointment and visit our practice, close to Motherwell. We will listen to your plans and give you further information on our great architectural planning practice.

Architectural Plans
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