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Architectural Plans Cumbernauld

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Cumbernauld area.

Questions to ask BEFORE you hire an architectural planner

Hiring the right architectural planner is essential to the success of your project; asking the right questions will get you the right planner for your Cumbernauld - based project.

Creating and designing your own home, renovation or extension is an exciting time. You will be full of ideas and design questions! But, it can also be nerve-wracking experience making sure that every detail is correct and that the finished product meets your needs and requirements.

Some people take on this project themselves and do very well. Other people, however, prefer to use an architectural planner to bring life in their project, from highlighting the smaller details that may need some work to adding some creative touches themselves.

Customers looking for architectural planners in and around Cumbernauld have an excellent planning practice on their doorstep in the shape of Architectural Plans.

Here are some top tips to help you decide if an architectural planner is needed for your project:

1. What is the size and 'type' of the project?

Your project may seem straightforward but there may also be considerations and complexities to your project that needs the professional 'eye' or an architectural planner. A loft conversion, for example, can be designed by a specialist loft company but you may find that you have pockets of irregular shaped space that will be left a 'dead space'; in other words, they are of no value at all. An architectural planner can look at this 'dead space' and make it useable, either by re-designing or by making simple changes to measurements etc.

NO matter what size or type of project, Architectural Plans are available to work with customers of a variety of project in and around Cumbernauld.

2. What architectural planning qualifications do they hold AND is their prominent style?

Clearly if you are looking to hire an architectural planner and pay fees, you need to confident that the person is what they say they are.  Any architectural planner when asked will show their qualifications as well as examples of previous work and designs. Some planning practices also have a certain style, so check this out too. Make sure that you planner understands your style too - if you are not looking for anything 'usual', preferring something completely unique then make sure they know how to deliver this.

3.  What architectural planning services are on offer?

One advantage of hiring an architectural planner is that they can co-ordinate the whole project from start to finish, organising trades people to be on site and certain times or you can engage their architectural planning designing services only, leaving the execution of the project, in other words the build of the project to the principal building contractor.

4.  What is the fee structure?

Clearly what and how involved you ask the architectural planner to be in your project will affect the fees they charge you.

If you considering a domestic renovation or new build project, architectural planning services within Cumbernauld are provided by a flourishing practice, Architectural Plans. With an array of experience, the practice has an ever-growing gallery of successful, completed projects.


Architectural Plans
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