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Architectural Plans Lanark

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Lanark area.

Why hiring an architectural planner could pay dividends?

Are you thinking of embarking on an exciting build project? Whether it is an extension in to a cavernous loft space, an addition on the side of your property or a complete new build in Lanark, engaging the services of architectural planners will bring you a whole heap of benefits, making your project as hassle and stress-free for you as possible.

But, hang on, isn't that the point of a building project?!

When we watch the TV programmes that show how people modify industrial factories to provide the perfect home, it is full of angst, anxiety and lots of dramatic shots of weary face as they discuss the continuing lack of finance and budget over-spend. Whilst some of these programmes give a fleeting recognition to an planners' involvement, there is very little made of how much of this an planner could help with. Just because you are planning a new building or extension, does not mean you have to enter the realms of a stomach ulcer - stress and angst is not compulsory when building a new home or extending your current Lanark property.

Hire an architectural planner and they can:

See the bigger picture beyond your own vision - when you are creating your own space, you will only see a certain amount. If you need 4 rooms, interconnecting but still offering privacy, your architect will be able to see beyond your own thoughts, offering you different ideas and solutions.

Handle the paperwork - planning permissions and building warrants can be a nightmare but, choose a practice who are used to dealing with the local planning department and you are one step closer to getting the design you want. Making sure it looks pretty is one aspect of being an planner, making sure the hidden structure is perfect is essential; getting this signed off by the planning officer is something that must happen to get your dream.

Hire the trades people - rather than spending hours on the phone finding people who are free at the time you need them can be a major logistical exercise. Lanark clients who engage a planner to look after this aspect of their build need not worry about this. Used to dealing with a wide variety of trades and businesses, your planner can keep your building project on track and on time.

Project manage - a lot of the programmes on TV talk about project managing a build, where everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. It is also about paying suppliers on time and maintaining relationships. Of course, you can just hire the architect to design your Lanark-based project and leave it at that but, there are some excellent benefits of getting them to project manage the whole thing (this is the most stressful aspect of some builds!)

Getting those green credentials - climate change and the need to use less energy is real. It is not a passing fad. There are (and will be) new green regulations coming in to planning aspects of any build over the next few years and with many current changes already affecting new builds, the use of an architect to get the very best green credentials for your new Lanark pad or extension will be a distinct advantage if you plan on selling it at any point.

Get the best from your Lanark project; hiring architecturl planners will give you significant return on your financial investment. Why not call us to find out more?

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