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Architectural Plans Irvine

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Irvine area.

How do you know if you need an architectural planner for your project?

There seems to be an air of mystery surrounding when and why you need an architectural planners's input into your Irvine project. In fact, a recent survey in America suggested that the vast majority of people were unsure exactly what an architectural planner does!

If you are looking to build your dream property in Irvine or even create a fabulous home extension, engaging an architectural planner can bring a fresh look on your project. A planner can bring you many benefits including helping to manage costs and budgets, as well as negotiate the best deals on prices of materials and labour but how do you know if you need an planner?

  • There is nothing enshrined in law that says you need to engage the services of an architectural planner for your Irvine project BUT as a general rule of thumb, if your project needs planning permission, the services of a planner would be beneficial
  • Some people do take on rather major renovation works without an planner, whilst other people use the services of an planner for much smaller project - the choice really is yours.
  • Architectural planners can be incredibly useful if you are unsure of the exact finish and look of the building or project you want - they can have some great ideas
  • If you are inexperienced when it comes to building or renovation, then the services of an architectural planning practice can be invaluable and worth every penny
  • A planner can manage the whole process from the moment the first sod is cut, to the point of you moving in
  • They can add an amazing amount of detail to plans and can see ways forward when space might be awkward or tight - even unusable.

Many people choose not to use planners. Some people say the 15 to 20% costs that can be added to a build as a result of using a planner is not value for money but rather than think of this as wasted money, many customers also realise that planners, especially on larger projects, can save the clients money.

It is vital to have a good relationship with your chosen architectural planner and their practice; after all, if something is not right, you want it put right and not left. If the planner understand your wants and desires for your building project, it is more likely to be a success.

If you have a building or renovation project in Irvine, you will need a local, knowledgeable planner to help you create the perfect home from your dream. Why not call Architectural Plans for further information and to arrange an initial meeting? You are under no obligation!




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