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Architectural Plans Clarkston

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Clarkston area.

5 Brilliant Reasons to Hire an Architectural Planner

No matter how large or small your Clarkston project, from the once-in-a-lifetime project to a small-scale but still-very-important-to-you extension, there are many excellent reasons why hiring an architectural planner could be right for you - and worth the money in fees too!

1. They really can see the bigger picture

If you are extending your home or building your dream home from scratch, it is a huge emotional investment on your part; on one hand, this is brilliant but on the other, it can present you with problems and issues, such as not being able to step back and see objective solutions to some problems.

An architectural planner could suggest several options, allowing you to see and refine your vision for your Clarkston project. But, they can also see the smaller steps needed to get the finish for your project that you desire.

2. Manage and handle the paperwork

Building regulations, consents and permits need not be complicated but, if you have never worked with planners and planning departments before, it can seem a little bit of a minefield, as well as rather daunting.

A firm such as Architectural Plans is more than aware of the intricacies of planning departments, and with this familiarity comes knowledge and so you will find that all the paperwork can be managed and handled by them, taking a potentially stressful part of the build from you!

3. Hiring contractors

Getting trades' people to turn up at the right time on the right day can be a nightmarish scenario. In some cases, other trades people cannot continue with their work if someone else doesn't turn up and complete theirs. If you are managing this part of your Clarkston project yourself, your stress and frustration levels could reach new heights!

Many architectural planners will offer this service of hiring contractors to be onsite so that your Clarkston project remains on time.

4. Oversee the job as a whole

Larger Clarkston projects could benefit from this service offered by architectural planners. Of course, how much the architectural planner is involved in your project is entirely down to your choice; at one end of the scale, some customers prefer their planner to plan and design your project only but at the other end of the scale, some customers want their planner to oversee the whole project. This can bring many benefits but you will find this comes with a price.

5. Going green!

No matter how large or small your Clarkston project, there are increasing pressures and needs for the project to be steeped in eco-friendly credentials. This will ensure your new home or extension meets various guidelines and regulations, as well as costing you less money when it comes heating your new home.

If you need the expert help of an architectural planner for your Clarkston project, why not contact Architectural Plans?

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