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Architectural Plans Bellshill

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Bellshill area.

What can architectural planners bring to your Bellshill project?

There can very few projects more exciting than designing, planning and building your own home or working out plans to extend your current property. You can, of course, do all this yourself but engaging architectural planners for your Bellshill project could bring you some great benefits.

One of the first decisions you make is deciding what you want to do with the space you have available or what you can 'afford' within your budget; involving a planner at this stage is something that people think is not necessary but there are many factors that come in to play during the planning stage, before the sod is even cut and planners for your Bellshill project could help you avoid some disastrous pitfalls;

Your own ideas… and budget

Planners for your Bellshill project will need to know the essentials of your project, just like when you visit a barber's or hairdresser's, you will give the stylists ideas of your likes and dislikes. No matter what size your project is, a planner will need to know your dislikes and likes, as well as what it is you want to achieve from the space.

But, you also need to be conscious to fit your project to your budget too BUT you could also be in for a pleasant surprise! Many clients assume that an architectural planner will swallow the majority of their budget, but with the creative, yet skilled outlook of a planner, you could find your budget stretches further than you think.

Take time to interview potential architectural planners for your Bellshill project

We all have views and opinions and to get the best in such a creative process as this is to engage a planner who has a similar view to the design and building of your project as you. Not only this, you should take some time to research the practice to ensure that firm you intend hiring has the expertise in building and creating projects of the type you intend completing.

Don't be frightened to ask questions, as well as being prepared to compromise, you should also make clear which aspects of your design or ideas are a must for your building project.


No one has a bottomless pit of money, especially when it comes to building projects. The last thing you want to happen is to create a fabulous home or extension, only to find you have no budget left for decorating or soft furnishings. Likewise, running out of money mid-build is not good news either.

Planners for Bellshill customers can help in the keeping of the budget on track; they can negotiate better deals on materials, as well as get the best prices from contractors too.

But, you need to make doubly sure that any architectural planning firm you engage is fully aware of your budget, right from the start.

The best of design intentions

Designing your extension or home is a creative process, open to interpretation and mis-interpretation but if you approach the process with an open mind, prepared to work with planners on your Bellshill project, you will create stunning results together.




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