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Architectural Plans Livingston

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Livingston area.

Easy steps to the getting the right architectural planner

Looking to acquire the expert service of an architectural planner can seem a daunting prospect to some, but many customers have made that step and have never looked back! Space can be utilised to its full potential, the visual appeal of the house can be created to 'fit in' with the surroundings or you can create a visual impact.

But how do you go about selecting the right architectural planner?

Here's our easy stepped guide to doing just that:

  • Ask people for recommendations. Check with colleagues, friends and relatives if they know of any architectural planners who come highly recommended. Like most professionals, architectural planners highly prize their reputations - after all, a 'bad' experience will tarnish their reputation. Our customers have all had great experiences with Architectural Plans Ltd.
  • Have a drive around your area, see a house or extension being built that you like the look of? Ask the contractors or homeowner who their architect is. Similarly, plans will be lodged with planning departments and will have the architectural planners name and address on these blueprints.
  • Don't choose the first architectural planner you meet - this is too important project to rush. Talk to many professionals and get the feeling of each practice and firm before you commit.
  • Discuss your ideas with these various planners; make sketches too. Any architectural planner will be able to translate your ideas verbally, suggesting ideas, moderations and improvements.
  • Observe the architectural planner too - are they really taking in what you are saying and wanting in your home or renovation?
  • Look at plans they have created in the past. You might not fully understand them, so ask questions - do you get clear answers that you understand? Or are you feeling bamboozled by technical speak?
  • References - like interviewing candidates for a job, you would not make firm offer of employment until you have received favourable references. The customers of the reputable firm Architectural Plans, will testify to the high quality service on offer.
  • Contact these references without the architectural planner present but what do you want to know? What was their experience of working with the planner? Did the finished project meet their expectations and requirements?
  • How do you choose the right professional? Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.
  • Carefully review the contract you will sign between you and the architectural planning practice. This is important as it sets the boundaries and limitations, as well as the scope of the contract to complete the work.
  • Let the work begin and enjoy the project; there will be trials and tribulations, but overall, enjoy the process as this is part of the final product.




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