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Architectural Plans Port Glasgow

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Port Glasgow area.

Minimising stress - just one of the things hiring architectural planners for Port Glasgow projects can do!

Did you know that hiring an architectural planner could bring you so many benefits? From saving you time and money, to minimising the stress at certain points along the way. Likewise, the whole building or renovation process can be streamlined, meaning you could have an idea of what the final outcome will look like - before a sod of earth has been cut or a nail, hammered!

If you think that plannes will be too expensive for your Port Glasgow project, think again; the benefits that you can derive from having a professional, skilled person working on the project far outweigh the cost of their service. As a general rule of thumb, planners can cost up to 10% of your overall project spend, but this will vary depending on how much you use them, and at what stages.

For planner's fees, you will get…

  • A professional who can 'see' all the different aspects of a project
  • Your needs as the homeowner
  • The material constraints
  • The spatial constraints
  • The overall costs
  • Organising permits and ensuring the build meets regulations
  • The timetable of the overall build too; are the tight constraints so many people want their building completed by, realistic

Building or renovation, including home extensions, can be a complicated process, with many building balls to be juggled and factors to be in order; planners working on your Port Glasgow project can do just that…

Finding the right architectural planner for your project

Every project is different; every new build will present different challenges and every extension or renovation will face its own unique stresses and strains. But, in amongst all this will be someone who can work with you, ensuring that compromise does not mean you 'missing out' or not getting what you want from the building.

You need to be able to communicate with a planner; and they need to be able to listen and interpret what you want from the build or extension. You don't want someone who will ride rough-shod over all your decisions, deciding what is right for you - as opposes to asking you.

The initial meeting, therefore, is important.  What are they offering you? What does their portfolio say about them?

You may like their 'style' but is their portfolio all the same? You want, after all, something that is unique, not something that looks like it every other building…

Take some time to get to know us here at Architectural Plans. As planners, we have worked on many projects and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your Port Glasgow project!

Architectural Plans
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