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Architectural Plans Thorntonhall

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Thorntonhall area.

When do you need an architectural planner?

Many people are often confused about when and where they need an architectural planner, as well as what they can gain from involving a professional of this ilk in their project. Many think their project is too small for the involvement of a professional but as you will see, planners for Thorntonhall projects could be the answer you are seeking…

What can an architectural planner do that a contractor or building firm cannot?

Planners can bring vision to the build and are adept are seeking and finding solutions to problems and issues. They have a range of tools available to them for use, from 3 dimensional modelling software to building models so that each section of the build can be seen, in a scaled version before the ground is cut. They can create a clear, vivid picture of what the end product will look like.

Building contractors are knowledgeable in the types of materials and suppliers to use and for some customers, they can create a great finished product but it may be that within the property there may be slightly awkward places that if an architectural planner had spotted would have been solved BEFORE completion.

Do I need an architectural planner for planning reasons?

There is no law that states you must use a planner but, depending on what your project is, it may be wise to include the services of planners at your Thorntonhall project. In some areas, planning regulations and permits are tightly controlled so that new builds or extensions work in with conservation areas, as well as within the locality itself. If you are looking to create a design that is something different, you will need the professional help of a planner to get the plans approved.

How much would architectural planners at a Thorntonhall project cost?

There are three ways in which a planner will charge for his or her work:

  • Per hour
  • A % total of the final construction costs (this can vary between 10 to 15% or more)
  • Or a fixed fee

But, in some cases, planners will also 'mix' these fees. For example, the overall cost may be on a percentage basis but if items are added in to the work, they may charge these on an hourly basis. You will need to discuss the fees and how these will be paid with your chosen planners in Thorntonhall.

What if I don't like the planners plans?

Designing a house or property, along with extensions etc. is a complex process and an planner is unlikely to get it right first time! This is why it is important that you choose an planner you get along with and one that you feels understand what you want from your new home or extension. They can be redrawn several times!

What could planner bring to your Thorntonhall project?

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