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Architectural Plans Paisley

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Paisley area.

Use of an architectural planner in creating your home extension or other domestic build project is not compulsory; in fact many customers tend not to employ the use of an architectural planner believing that the cost of the services far outweigh the benefits in the final product.

Consider for a moment what an architectural planner does. You may see that it is time to think again about employing an architectural planner at some point in the planning stage:

  • Aesthetic issues - making it 'look' and feel right
  • Manipulating the space available to get the best from it
  • Can suggest various materials to be used to create the right finish
  • Fitting all these within the clients' brief as well as 'outside' influences, whether that's conservation requirements, planning law as well as the look and feel of the surrounding area

Fees and costs

Many architectural planning customers think first and foremost of the fees involved and quite rightly so. The amount you spend on the architectural planner needs to have some form of return of investment within the project - in other words, can you really tell if an architectural planner has been used in an extension as opposed to one that hasn't?

Yes is our answer. Our detailed drawings and discussions with you will highlight areas that need more thought and creative solutions that once the build is done, you may not be able to change so easily. Moving a wall on a drawing is easier than moving it in real life. A well-executed design will add value to your property too.


There are so many factors to balance and juggle, and the architectural planner is the person who can do this:

  • Is the space meeting your requirements and needs?
  • Does it fit in the neighbourhood and the surrounding context?
  • Is it a responsible building? Does it 'fit' with energy and environmental considerations?
  • Is it a flexible space that can be manipulated for future changes?
  • Planning requirements and laws etc - does it meet all those?

Quality control

An architectural planner can also be the lynchpin in a project and can be onsite to ensure quality, and also that the project is on time and on budget. You cannot have costs spiralling out of control and if you need the build completing within a set time period, you cannot afford an over-run. An architectural planner coordinates and quality controls all this on your behalf, meaning you are able to consider the smaller details need decisions that you may miss if you are busy elsewhere chasing contractors etc.

Getting the right architectural planner for you and your project is essential; why not come and talk to us and explore how we can create your project with you. We offer a full service in and around the Paisley area.

Architectural Plans
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