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Architectural Plans Kilmacolm

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Kilmacolm area.

Professional architectural planners bring the professional touch to your Kilmacolm home

Renovating? Building from scratch? Extending your current property?

If you have never completed any projects like this before, taking it on can seem be a daunting challenge. What happens if something goes wrong? How can things be changed on the plans? What if you don't like something?

Is a job too small?

Many people worry that asking architectural planners to help re-model a small space, such as a kitchen with added, extended space is too small a project for them to take on. But, let's be honest, if space is at a premium you need it to work even harder for you, especially in a busy family home.

No job is too big or too small, and when you choose planners for your Kilmacolm project that has vast experience in just these kinds of project, you will gain so much from your re-modelling or extension project.

The design

If you were designing it yourself, what you get? A square box, with the odd window here or there? Would you like something more of out of the design…?

Maybe a streamlined, wall that actually hide a whole heap of much needed storage, for school bags, shoes and all the other paraphernalia that seem to clutter the entrance area to your home. Or maybe, you need to squeeze in a large family for meals around the table in the kitchen/dining area, and would like more space, in a cleverly designed area?

This design, this vision is something that architects can bring to Kilmacolm projects. The edge of design that make an area flow or work so much better for the people and family that live there, without over-stating it.


You can ask a planner to design the extension or the renovation and then they can leave their input at that. But any find it too big or daunting a project to not have someone with experience walking with them.

Planners at your Kilmacolm project can help find a contractor; they can keep an eye on the budget; they can help with supply of trades and materials… they can project manage the whole thing!

Proof is in the final product

People may comment on your inclusion of an planner on your project; they may suggest that this was not money well spent but, take a look at the delightful, sliding door wardrobe in your bedroom, where your clothes, shoes and accessories now live and compare it to the chaotic heap they were previously - did you ever think you could fit something of that nature, into that space?

As you live and work in your 'new' space, it will be obvious what archiectural planners brought to your Kilmacolm home…

Architectural Plans
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