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Architectural Plans Eaglesham

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Eaglesham area.

Using your architectural planners skills to get the best for you!

Thinking of extending your property, maybe with a loft conversion or a delightful new extension? Or maybe you have decided to take the plunge and build your perfect, dream home. Whatever your project it is an exciting time, one that will bring you great joy for years to come.

But let's imagine the worst case scenario for a few minutes; you are sitting in the extension, newly built and pristine, realising that the column, needed for structural purposes is right in the centre of the fabulous view you have. Maybe an architectural planner could have dealt with that better…?

Don't be one of those people who sits and thinks "what if…?" or have visitors comment on 'that's a strange place to put…' Get the services of an architectural planner!

"But it will cost too much!"

There is a common misconception amongst people that planners for your Eaglesham project or build will be far too expensive and not worth the money but, take some time and think again:

  • Do you know all the complexities and issues surrounding building regulations, warrants and permits? Get these wrong and you could land in hot water!
  • What about the green credentials of your build or extension? There are many certificates that you will need in the future to be able to sell your property and architects local to your Eaglesham project will have all the knowledge and detail of these. 

Remember - you do not need to employ the services of an architectural planner for the whole project. You can engage Eaglesham planners for the design and planning stage, or you can employ them to project manage the whole thing, from paying contractors, managing the budget and keeping the project on time too.

Planners are skilled experienced people but you will only get the best from their skills if you…

  • Work with them and explore all your ideas, not holding back or being reticent - if you want something that simply must be included then tell them! Or, if you are unhappy with something you must also tell them. A planner can only design your dream property or extension with input and feedback from you.
  • Have your questions ready - think about your project and what you want from the extension or build and get your questions ready to ask. Eaglesham serving planners know that people do not take on projects of this nature on a daily basis - unlike them! - and they are more than happy to talk through the whole process, about how stages and aspects of the build work, as well as in what order things are meant to happen.
  • Concerns must be aired during the design process - not giving your planner the opportunity to rectify issues or concerns to your satisfaction are more difficult to rectify once the building is built. Before you give the go ahead for the build, make sure you fully understand the plan in front of you.

Are you planning an exciting project, either an extension or new build? How will you use your architectural planners skills?

Architectural Plans
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