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Architectural Plans Howwood

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Howwood area.

Architectural planners and your re-modelling project - worth their weight in gold…?

Renovations, extensions, re-modelling or building from scratch are all exciting prospects but, with the builders on site and the plans in hand, how confident do you feel? Are you really sure that everything is 'just as it should be'?

Some people do take on the process of designing, creating and project managing their latest building project but, as one industry expert noted, many customers on living in their property realised that there were a few small 'niggles', a few things that could have been executed better… if only they had engaged the services of an architects.

Architectural planners for your Howwood project

Planners are skilled, trained and passionate professionals who design buildings and organise the space within it, so that you gain the maximum amount and benefit from it. Here in the UK, architects architectural planners are regulated. These regulatory boards ensure that only people with the correct qualifications, who follow the law and architectural planning guidelines call themselves architectural planners.

Can architectural planners work on any Howwood project?

In theory, yes they can. Planners design everything from domestic dwellings to large industrial buildings, however different planners will specialise in different types of buildings and technology. If, for example, you are building a new property or extending your current one, then choose a practice that has based its portfolio on these kinds of builds.

What can architectural planners bring to your Howwood project?

As specialist professionals, the benefits of hiring a planner are numerous…

  • Work with you to sketch your dream home or extension on paper and create a detailed set of plans
  • Planners can also advise you on any planning issues or regulations that may affect your renovation, extension or new build
  • They can liaise with the planning department and, as they have a good, productive relationships with them, ascertain as what could be possible and suggest compromises so that you can get the dream house you want!
  • Take into account important factors and up-to-date technologies in to your home or renovation; for example, environmental factors are incredibly important at the moment and need to be taken in to account

What's the secret behind hiring planners for Howwood projects?

There is no secret really except that you need to be able to work with the architect; you need to be able to express your ideas and for the planner to understand them.

But above all, you need to get on with them; this is relationships based on trust and mutual respect - and the results can be spectacular!

Architectural Plans
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