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Architectural Plans Kilwinning

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Kilwinning area.

Questions to ask your architectural planner…

If you are looking to hire an architectural planner, you might be wondering how to go about engaging one for your Kilwinning project, whether that is an extension or a new build. Here are a few suggested questions that you could ask, as well as few hints as to what answer you may need to hear in order for you to make the right choice for YOU:

1. What is their vision for YOUR project?

Planners that you interview for your Kilwinning project will have glossy portfolios of a variety of projects to show you, to entice you to use them and their practice for your project. This is to be expected but don't base your choice on these glossy pages alone; what are their vision for your project? You will, of course, need to explain what it is you want your building project to achieve etc. and you need to be confident that they understand your wishes, ideals and vision - and not just churn out another 'same as the others' project.

2. What about a signature style?

Many planners pride themselves on being adaptable, matching their creative edge to the Kilwinning project being put in front of them. A planner will have some form of signature style, in which certain creative aspects will appear from time to time; this may be something you welcome or are impartial to, whilst for other customers they will not want this to happen. Check those glossy pages thoroughly!

3. Who will design your Kilwinning project?

This is an incredibly important question as many people have been caught out by this; assuming that the person sat in front of them will be the planner that will design their home, only to find that this is not the case.

If they are not designing your project, who is? After all, you will be expecting to interact with this person on an intensive level - will they understand your vision?

4. What other services does the planner's practice provide?

Planners can do much more for your Kilwinning project than just design it on paper. They can:

  • Manage the whole project from beginning to end
  • Check the contractors progress, as well as vouch for the quality of the build
  • Make adjustments to the design as necessary
  • Manage the cash flow on your Kilwinning project

Ask how much these services are and how they can be included in your project as you may find that some aspects of your build is easier and less stressful for you if someone else manages it on your behalf.

If you have a Kilwinning based project and would like the expertise of an architectural planner and their practice, why not contact Architectural Plans today for an idea of their comprehensive services?

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