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Architectural Plans Milngavie

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Milngavie area.

Architectural planners - how expensive are they? (and, are they too costly for your job?!)

Many people think that for a home extension at their Milngavie is too small to need what seems like the extravagance of architectural planning services. Some people have completed renovations projects before, confident in their abilities they don't feel the services of Milngavie planners are needed. But for others, this may be their first time at creating an extension or building project.

No matter how experienced or confident you do or do not feel about creating an extension or other building project, an architectural planner can be a worthwhile investment. But, not many people now that they can be hired for 'chunks' of the project, as opposed to hiring them for the whole project - making their expert services and input eminently more affordable for many people.

The 'hire for chunks' approach can be very useful…

If you are decided to hire an architectural planner for smaller section of your project, make sure you are really using the right person for the right part of the project. Take some time to do your research as some practices specialise in certain aspects; one common example where planners are hired are not just for the planning and drafting process of the build, but also to help with the securing of the right planning permissions and building warrants (for some builds, the hardest part!)

Planning to hire for the whole project?

A great idea if you are inexperienced, not as confident in choices of design and styles that will work or just like the idea of someone else managing the whole thing for you. Whatever the reason, the decision is yours but, many people do worry about the cost.

The best thing of course, like any other major purchase is to get quotations for the job, ensuring that you are asking the various planning practices to quote on the same project - add aspects to a quotation or take things away and you will find it difficult to make like-for-like comparisons.

How fees can be worked out…

Architectural planners serving Milngavie may have different ways of working out how much a project could cost with some quoting for a fee after taking into account various factors, such as:

  • The size and scale of the project
  • The type of building being built
  • The land it is being built on
  • The location
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • And whether design services are included in the package

Other practices may quote using an hourly rate or through an estimated percentage charge of the final cost of the projecte. eg. 12% of the final project cost.

There is no substitute for talking to an architectural planners  about your project or extension to get a better idea of the costs involved - and the benefits of having an architect involved in your Milngavie building project. 



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