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Architectural Plans Hamilton

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Hamilton area.

Find the right architectural planner for you and your Hamilton project

Not only do you need to choose the right planner for your Hamilton project, you also need to brief them correctly to make the most of their services. But how do you do this?

The uncertain, shaky economic times that seem to have dominated the UK over the last few years have seen the property market slow. Whilst the property market flounders, with people choosing not to sell, the architectural planning market remains buoyant. People are staying in their homes, choosing to extend and renovate to meet their changing needs.

Mainstream television programmes have promoted the renovation and 'build-your-own' style of doing things but it can either be a great success employing an architecturl planner or, if they are not briefed correctly etc., it can be a nightmare.

So avoid the pitfalls by following this simple guide before you employ an architectural planner in and around Hamilton;

1.  Why use an architectural planner?

Architectural planners have the creative flair and ability to see the bigger picture. All too often, as the homeowner, we can have fixed visions about the extension and what we need it to do - and even more fixed ideas on how it will deliver these requirements.

Planning regulations and building permits should not be a problem; get them wrong or fall foul of the rules, and they will quickly become an issue that will mar the excitement of your renovation or new build. Architectural planners can help Hamilton customers gain all the necessary and proper consents.

Ergonomic functionality of the space is also an important consideration. In other words, will the space work for what you want it to do?

An architectural planner will identify and navigate all these issues on behalf of their clients.

2. Choosing an architectural planner

Fully fledged architectural planners  can be members of various organisations and bodies. Some of these organisations will have strict rules of membership and practice, all of which are designed to safeguard architectural planning practice as a profession and customers from 'rogue' elements.

Many planners, such as Architectural Plans, gain many assignments through 'word of mouth', still a powerful marketing tool even in the 21st Century! Look around other Hamilton projects, noting the planners responsible, especially if you are designing something similar in design and style.

Get references and follow the up too! Ask question such as budget management skills and how responsive were they to changes and other modifications.

Like most things, you will get an instinct about a practice and an architectural planner; you will need to work with them closely on your dream project. You need to be confident that the architect you employ will be reliable, professional and deliver.

3. Phases and fees

There is a prescribed phase to a development - it starts with a feasibility study, then design, followed by planning and building regulations, contractors are usually then in place, building commences and then completion. Planners within Hamilton, as in most practices, will either work with clients through to the submissions phase or manage the whole project.

This decision is essentially yours to make. If it is a smaller project, then the submission stage might be sufficient. However, if it is a larger, new build project then you may need the expertise of the architectural planner until the end.

And one more essential tip is - communication. The major reasons that there are issues on a build or project, is poor communication between the client and the planner. Instructions and the brief need to be very clear from the outset, especially any budgetary constraints. As the customer, you also need to make sure you stick with this brief and not change your mind mid-way through the project, expecting contractors and your architect to follow suit. Likewise, if you don't understand anything, ask for clarification rather than let it slip by.

Architectural Plans are an experienced practice offering a variety of services to customers in and around Hamilton. Contact Architectural Plans now to book an initial consultation.

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