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Architectural Plans Falkirk

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Falkirk area.

What DOES an architectural planner DO?

Most people do not have cause to engage the services of an architectural planner, even though the trend for designing and building your own home seems to be increasing. This trend is underpinned by the growing number of programmes, magazines and websites that tell people how amazing and satisfying buying and renovating a property is or, even better, building your own.

However, what these programmes rarely show is the process from the very start. Many pick up the project when the first truck load of earth is shifted and the foundations start to take shape. They rarely show the hours spent by client and planner, creating and modifying complex, detailed plans or the time spent on the phone, persuading and negotiating with local authority planning department on what can and cannot be approved.

Unfortunately, many people are ignorant of exactly what an architectural planner does and can do for their building projects. With this in mind, Architectural Plans, who work on domestic project across Scotland and local to Falkirk are attempting to put this right.

Let's look at the figures…

  • 72% of British people questioned had no idea that planners applied for planning permissions
  • 86% were unaware that planners could act of project managers, engaging contractors and maintaining budgets
  • Less than 20% were aware that architects design and prepare paper drawings for building projects and it would seem that most people are unaware that planners can be used for domestic projects
  • 85% of respondents, however, were aware that planners designed buildings

But this last point, although the figure is high an encouraging, it seems that people associate planners with working on larger, impressive buildings. What many people fail to realise is that the majority of planners work on smaller, domestic projects.

Many architectural planning practices, such as Architectural Plans, focus exclusively on domestic projects, making them leaders in this field. But, what many customers do not realise until they employed the services of an planner is that they can promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of building new domestic dwellings.

Socially, new or renovated properties can fit well within the local landscape with modern housing sitting comfortably alongside older style properties. In terms of environmental impacts, new or renovated properties under the eye of an architectural planner can use less or no non-renewable energies in its day to day running. Clearly, this has economic benefits for the homeowner but encouraging local building is great for local, Falkirk trades and businesses too.

If you are thinking or building your own bespoke home or even looking to renovate or extend your current property, contact local architectural planning practice Architectural Plans to see how much they can do for your project.


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