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Architectural Plans Bothwell

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Bothwell area.

Architects Bring Perspective for your Bothwell Project

If you've not taken part in a building project before - whether that is a full renovation, a new build or an extension to your current Bothwell property - you may not be familiar with how to find and brief the right architect for you and your project.

Architects are finding themselves in demand; with the sluggish housing market and people's reluctance to take on bigger mortgages, more and more homeowners are choosing to renovate or extend. With the various TV programmes encouraging people to 'take a chance' and build their dream home, more and more people need the professional services of an architect.

With some amazing success stories about the relationship between client and architect - and likewise, some stories of disasters - how and why do you employ an architect?

Why architects could be good for your Bothwell project

You have made the decision to renovate or extend and you now need to maximise the potential within the property and the project. One way you can do this is through employing an architect.

They can see the bigger picture; they can 'see' the space and maximise the use you could get out of it. They will make suggestions, avoiding pitfalls like the loo opening out onto the sitting room.

The planning process, regulations and building warrants can be difficult, not in getting them as such but in having the time to chase them, making sure they are in place before you start any work. Planning regulations in Scotland were relaxed from 2012 with some Bothwell projects not needing the extensive, details planning permission they once did. All this is to encourage home improvements.

Ergonomically, architects can add to your project too. Ergonomics is about how the house 'hangs together'; it takes into the light in the building or a room as well as the flow from space to space. And with technology advancing at a quick pace, as well as the need for homes, renovations and extensions to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, architects frequently have their finger on this pulse. Do you?

But, in all honesty it is an emotional decision too. Do you get on with the person that is designing your project? Can you talk to them and what happens when you disagree? Do they listen? Do they change things?

Employing architects for your Bothwell project can open up a whole heap of possibilities. Why not contact Architectural Plans for ideas?

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