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Architectural Plans Mount Vernon

Architectural Plans Ltd provide a domestic and commercial architectural planning service to the Mount Vernon area.

To Employ an Architectural Planner or Not? That is the Question...

Building or renovating your Mount Vernon home or project could benefit from the creative eye of an architectural planner. Some people say they would never contemplate a building project without the expert eye of a planner, where as other hire them for short periods of projects and for specific tasks. Other people have completed successful projects without an planner at all.

And so, if you are in this conundrum, getting all sorts of messages from different people, this short guide might just be useful...

An architectural planner can polish your project, if you like. You may already have draft plans or firm, detailed ideas of how you want the finish project to look. You might also have firm ideas about how you want the interior of the structure to flow. An architectural planner working on your Mount Vernon project will not attempt to dissuade you from your plans, or attempt to change your mind in anyway but a professional eye could iron out problems before they become an issue.

Loft conversions and extension, for example, can be notorious in creating small corridors, with limited head room. A simple change at the planning stage would have stopped this from happening - how cross will you be, having to duck your head every time you need to enter the en suite?

Other pundits suggest your use of an architectural planner is dependent on the size of the project. This of course, suggests that the larger the project the more valuable it is in terms of money and budget, therefore there is more for the architectural planner to do; hence it is worth investing in planners fees.

However, this suggests on the other hand that smaller Mount Vernon projects do not deserve the attention or the professional eye of a planner, which seems rather ludicrous! The project or renovation, no matter how large or small is a considerable investment of your time and your money - and you want and need it to be perfect.

Other people would suggest that the building contractor is quite capable of sorting out minor issues on site. Take the earlier example of head height; if this had been noted and the contractor asked to sort it out, they probably would have done so and the solution perfectly acceptable. But, contractors and builders will find a solution that may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, just the most efficient or logical.

An architectural planner can suggest solutions that are in keeping with the rest of the visual appeal of your Mount Vernon property, also taking into account the interior of the building, making sure nothing interrupts the flow.

Not sure if you need the services of an architectural planner?

Planners offer their services on a block by block basis; you may want to engage an planner's team on your Mount Vernon project from the very start to the very end or, you may opt for their planning services and nothing more. Before you decide to go it alone, why not talk to Architectural Plans?

You'll be surprised as how much they can do for you and your project!

Please contact us if you are looking for domestic or commercial architectural planning services in the  Mount Vernon area.

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